Modern manufacturing and the continuous development of industrial process require a massive use of different typologies of Hazardous substances including hydrocarbons and derivatives, solvents, flammable and corrosives in addition to many other potentially polluting substances. Hazardous spills are a serious risk for workers, environment and more generally for safety into company areas. Risks knowledge and professional equipment are for us a concrete “safety tools”

Few years ago we started the development of new products range with the target to provide professional solutions for the “environment protection” in particular for the safety storage and handling of dangerous substances. During these years Sall was able to reinforce its market position in the design and manufacturing of secondary spill containment solutions, storage deposits and outdoor hazardous containers.

Once completed the “spill range” we realized how was important the continuous development of new safety tools, for this reason we invested the last years to research the best performing solutions to absorb liquids in case of ground floor or water contaminations. This project is today under our new private label: TEKSORB officially introduce and include our complete range of professional and industrial absorbents and floating containment booms, for cleaning up and environmental remediation. TEKSORB is also a new sales organization composed by environmental experts

A single objective: Safety at the highest level. Losses, small spills, breaks or overflows from refilling caused by machinery or production plants, spills into the sea, rivers, lakes or confined waters are real risks. For these situations TekSorb can quickly provide the best solution.

Teksorb: 3 lines of intervention for a prompt environmental emergency response




Polypropylene industrial absorbents

The industrial absorbents are made of extra fine polypropylene fibers, a thermoplastic polymer characterized by a high absorption capacity, relevant breaking load, a low density and a good thermal and abrasion resistance. They capture liquids for capillarity, reaching high level of saturation.
These absorbents are the result of an innovative technology that allows to be applied in all production areas, with particular attention to the production process and quality raw materials selection, to increase performances and efficiency. Therefore arise a versatile, durable and efficient product, proposed in the three different lines: High performances, Medium weight and classic.
The high quality level, a reduced cost and an increased durability are the strengths of these products. These professional solutions are the real alternative to rags, considered dangerous for their flammability and with a low absorption capacity.
The different layers of heat-sealed polypropylene guarantee the high absorbency of the product. Its cover stock ensures a high abrasion and tear resistance with a minimal “lint effect”.


  • Pads composed by multiple heat treated layer absorbents with cover stock
  • High density socks for an higher absorbency
  • Resistant rolls with high thickness, pre-cutted for a rationalized use
  • High absorbency pillows
  • Oil Only absorbents booms, hydrophobic.
  • Anti-slip backed industrial rug to ensure safety in particular in the walkways

EMERGENCY SPILL KITS: a concrete emergency support

Absorbent spill kits are real first-aid environmental instruments to respond quickly and clean up different kind of liquids. Available in different formats and combinations offering the largest intervention mode. The kits are created according to the absorbency capacity and the type of container where they are stored is something that the customer can customize depending his professional needs.
Thanks to a complete range of products suitable for any kind liquids ( universal, oil and chemicals) it is possible to act quickly and effectively, reducing disposal costs and management and at the same time helping to create a safety area
The kits are supplied with user manual and preliminary instructions for the right application and disposal.



  • Generally dark-grey or black, maintenance absorbents derived from meltblown polypropylene a special “nonwoven” with an high absorption capacity.
  • Suitable for all fluid spills, including water-based fluids, oils and oil-based fluids or non-aggressive chemicals.
  • Ideal for use in industrial situations where many different kinds of liquids are present at the same time.


  • In white colour are the absorbents dedicated to resolving oil and hydrocarbon spills.
  • Manufactured from materials built to handle the toughest environments.
  • Hydrophobic technology - oil-only absorbents do not absorb water making them ideal for the outdoor environment when water and oils should be separated.
  • Buoyant in water – even when fully oil-saturated - allowing for easy collection and disposal with efficient targeted absorption properties.


  • Always in yellow colour for easy recognition and to alert users that once used the product must be handled in full PPE clothing and disposed of in the approved manner (Yellow for CAUTION!).
  • Suitable for more aggressive chemicals such as acids, kerosene and detergents.
  • Ideal for use in Laboratories and Chemical plants.
  • Chemical absorbents are also suitable for water-based fluids.


Quality and high performance products reach their maximum performance when used properly, safely and with the necessary knowledge.
For this reason, our team of experts is at your disposal for any questions, specific needs and to provide to your staff the most suitable training.

Granular absorbents

Suitable for cleaning and remediation in a work place when absorbent in granular format is necessary.
These products are available for different kind of liquids. The formulation of each product is specified in the dedicated section of this website.
Available in buckets or sacs, the product must be evenly distributed on the affected area in order to cover the spillage.
The absorption and clean-up operations should be carried out preferably with a floor brush with hard bristles.
We suggest you to do these operations wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.
Through circular movements of the brush you will get the progressive absorption of spilled liquid. The saturated granular must be collected into a suitable container, then storing and disposal operations must be managed in accordance with the regulations of the absorbed liquid.
Granular absorbents are available for different kind of applications and also for the sulfur


  • Universal granular absorbents (oils, hydrocarbons, paints, solvents, non-aggressive liquids)
  • Neutralizer granules for batteries acids, certified according to the current regulations
  • Water repellent granules
  • Granules specifics for outdoor and road applications
  • Vegetal absorbents

Floating containment booms

Circumscribe and contain hydrocarbons spills on water to protect ports and docks and shipyards.
A flexible solutions, available in different sizes, they represent a real emergency containment system although often used as anti-pollution preventive system.







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